Monday, September 5, 2022

A 2nd Big Bang could be discovered in the next few years by the WEBB space Telescope - what might happen when and if?

 2nd Big Bang discovered by the Webb Space Telescope - (Just Kidding)  But what if?

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The 2nd Big Bang

As you may be aware - the 1st Big Bang which most astronomers believe took place around 13.7 billion years ago, created all of Heaven and Earth.  Over the initial seconds of the Big Bang, the universe had all of the God Particles (Higgs bosons) it would need for billions of years into the future.  

After the first few million years after the initial 'Complosion' of the Big Bang, the God Particles had created all of the protons, neutrons, electrons and all the other subatomic particles that the universe needed into the future.  ('Complosion' is a word I created to describe what really happened at the Big Bang because it was not an explosion and it was not an implosion, but a kind of combination of the two types of events or a 'Complosion'.  I know this is difficult science - trust me - you'll catch on later.)

Over the next few billion years after the 'Complosion' of the Big Bang, the subatomic particles would agglomerate into atoms, the atoms into molecules and so gradually, the universe became filled mostly with Hydrogen, Helium, Iron and other essential elements to create the stars and eventually the planets and galaxies of stars would come together due to gravity.

In my book, you will be thrilled to learn that if and when the 2nd Big Bang hits near our section of the universe, we'll be prepared for it.  The world could end before the 2nd Big Bang especially given the threat of nuclear war, the global warming crisis, the economic disasters, the gun violence in our schools, the pandemic global viruses, etc.  

BUT, if there is a silver lining to our present situation - AND THIS IS A SMALL CONSOLUTION FOR MOST OF US - it's the fact that Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are currently building space craft that could soon transport a small number of us to other planets where we could sort of lie low, keep the faith, build up our species to be smarter, stronger, more cooperative, more intelligent and then come back to the Earth after the Earth came back to normal living conditions in a few thousand or maybe as long as a few million years from now, depending on how much damage is done.

If you ever want to enjoy a great Science Fiction novel that answers all of these questions PLUS gets us all prepared for the most unique and magical experiences in the universe, this book - The 2nd Big Bang or my earlier work - My Cosmic Brain - could be just the book for you.

SOON to become a major motion picture - keeping fingers crossed?  Thank You.  

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