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The Jupiter Sun - Saves The Planet

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Having a 2nd Sun in the sky is possible because Jupiter is a huge and safe Nuclear Fusion Reactor in Space.

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The Jupiter Sun is the latest book by the author of My Cosmic Brain published a few short months ago.

In that time period, the author has managed to complete another great Science Fiction Book - The Book To End All Books which is science fiction and inspired him to attempt to produce the events in the Science Fiction Thriller - something never achieved before in human history.

This attempt is akin to George Lucas trying to produce real functioning Jedi Light Sabers and Faster than light - Space Ships.  

We humans are threatened by EXTINCTION as never before.  It's been close several times in the past Evolution of Life on the Earth - BUT THIS ONE seems like we may already be going over the cliff.




The Jupiter Sun (Science-Astronomy-Physics) AND the book that inspired it - The Book To End All Books (Science Fiction)

Sunday, January 1, 2023

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Start off the New Year with the New Book - Available on Jan 1st 2023

The Jupiter Sun

It may seem like Science Fiction, but there is a planet not so very far away that is up against the greatest threat that exists in the universe - self-annihilation.  They have come to the point in their technology that within the next 50 to 100 years they are either going to murder all life on their planet, including their own mass suicide OR they are going to turn their technological prowess into the greatest achievement by any life form anywhere in the universe.  It's going to be one or the other.  But this is happening not on another planet way out there in Space somewhere.  It's not science fiction any more.  This is our fate staring us right in the eyes.

They have in front of them or that is to say WE have in front of us the method of saving all life on this planet by 

The idea sprang out of my Science Fiction writings recently in a book entitled 'The Book to End All Books'.  In it, my characters and main plot develops into a very simple way to ignite the planet Jupiter into an actual sun.  

Jupiter is known by astronomers to be a 'Gas Giant'.  This isn't a large man with indigestion.  It's a classification for planets that start to develop into a sun, but never quite accomplish the feat of a spontaneous fusion combustion that is required to be a sun.  These planets are filled with hydrogen just as the sun is, but that hydrogen never becomes hot enough or compressed enough to start the chain reaction under its own power.  

The good news is that the Lawrence Livermore lab, a part of the Dept of Energy, within the United States Government recently cracked the code for a human made fusion reaction and actually created fusion in the lab.  They used high-powered lasers and more than 100 of them to aim them at a single spot in a magnetic bottle filled with Hydrogen atoms.  When they got it right, the fusion reaction started and produced more energy comingout than they had to put into it to get it started.

This was as huge first-of-its-kind and it made me realize from my earlier science fiction musings that the time had come where we could actually pull off what people will someday know as the 'The Greatest Achievement in Human history' - the ignition of a planet into a star.

This book not only explains the way that this can be done by SpaceX from Elon Musk, Blue Origin from Jeff Bezos and NASA from all of us, but it also shows in great detail how this could be our cheapest, fastest and best way out of our present conundrum of requiring so much energy produced by fossil fuels which is the basis of our whole economy and turning all of that infra-structure away from the climate emergency that it causes and towards the entire planet running on Solar Power - which will double as soon as we can turn Jupiter into our 2nd sun.

There are risks of course.  It could be the biggest flop in history, or the 2nd sun could produce so much more heat in our sky that we make things worse.  It is my best educated guess that the gradual over-warming of our planet due to a 2nd sun will actually be less than it is now due to the fact that we will no longer be forced to use fossil fuels any more, which will soon produce zero CO2 poured into the atmosphere and therefore, the greenhouse effect will decline, actually cooling our Earth and perhaps even in time to save us and all future generations.

Of course, educated guesses are not good enough to base trillions of dollars of investment that will be used to do this thing, and that's why this book is also a call to action to start the research and development of this concept so that we can have the confidence to go ahead with it or replace it with something better.   I challenge anyone to come up with something better.

I'm extremely pleased that Elon Musk said recently that he's going to resign as chief of Twitter because we're going to need all of his attention as well as others of his ilk on this herculean task as soon as possible.

Thursday, December 1, 2022

The Book To End All Books is now AVAILABLE AS AN AUDIBLE BOOK~! Christmas, Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, last-minute gifts,


 What if the United States under Franklin D. Roosevelt had used laughing gas to subdue the enemy soldiers in battles of WWII?  The next few years and up to our present time of crisis after crisis would have been completely different.  AND - the next few centuries would be much different as well.  Eventually, we become smart enough and great enough to ignite the planet Jupiter into our 2nd Sun - creating the Greatest Achievement in Human history!

The Book To End All Books is the last book you'll ever have to read because you can not be more inspired or more thoroughly entertained than the moment you learn how the tiny insignificant creatures swarming about planet Earth actually make a star light up in the heavens.  

This is the story that could save Mankind!  Get your copy today


If  you have read any great Science Fiction that had a very promising insight into the FUTURE and/or you loved Star Wars because it portrayed a greater good when people can unite behind a cause - then this is the book for you.



The book to end all books.  We can save the trees and forests by only reading one more book, this one, because it's all about the next one thousand years of our future - IF we can be inspired enough to create one more STAR in the sky.

Follow along into the future of Mankind when we are able to colonize Mars.  Elon Musk's dreams come true and it is from this stepping stone that we are able to conquer inter-stellar space and even transform the planet Jupiter into a second sun.  The science is real and the largest nuclear fusion chain reaction in the universe is ready to take place in our solar system.  All we have to do is light the fuse.  

What awaits you is a miracle of a story that is about to come true.  All we have to do is focus all present attempts at reality to blend with this one - the one that saves us and restores our souls.  Just disregard everything else that is crashing down all around you.  It's meaningless.  The ONLY IMPORTANT ENDEAVOR of our Evolution is changing our reality.

Imagine, if you will, living in the world where there are two suns in the sky, almost every day.  This is what most of the planets enjoy.  Our solar system only has one sun, because the second gas giant, which we call Jupiter never ignited by a nuclear fusion chain reaction.  BUT, it is almost certain to do so soon.  Jupiter is currently contracting in size by several hundred meters every day.  And on the other side of the coin, humanity desperately needs a new and rich and free source of renewable energy.  There isn't enough of it falling to the Earth from our sun.  Having two of them will solve that problem and eliminate the need for fossil fuels for all eternity.

How do we get there?  You have to read this book to learn how.  It's not rocket science - but it is the science fiction story you will never forget - I guarantee.  On Earth, we're using lasers and Hydrogen atoms to experiment in creating the world's first cold fusion power.  It's extremely difficult to do because you have to hold the hydrogen inside an extremely powerful magnetic field and heat the area up inside to over ten thousand degrees F.  So, these power plants on Earth cannot be practical since they will always require more energy going in than the energy coming out.

Jupiter, on the other hand has the largest and strongest magnetic field in the universe as far as we know.  AND, the hydrogen atoms that we need to start the fusion reaction are sitting there in massive quantities and in a stationery easy target squeezed into a Hydrogen plasma or even in the metallic state, just waiting to explode or actually implode or fuse. Has someone set us up for this great achievement?  
In the book that could be the last book you ever need to read, all of this starts to happen in our lifetimes.  It's only a few centuries away.  But, if we hurry up and focus our attention and unify our thoughts, it could happen much sooner.  It is said that it is far greater to light a candle than to curse the darkness.  If you want to leave the planet just a little better than how you found it - if you want to leave something truly beautiful to your children - this could be the book for you.

WARNING:  This book is a page turner and you may not be able to put it down once you pick it up.  Therefore, it is the publisher's best advice that you get this book moving toward you now from Amazon and start to plan a day or two, depending on your reading speed where you can complete the adventure contained within - in a single sit-down.  Block all distractions in your life.  Hold all your calls.  Make no plans to do anything other than being with this story.  What awaits will enlighten, entertain and amaze you beyond your wildest dreams and/or fantasies.

Monday, September 5, 2022

A 2nd Big Bang could be discovered in the next few years by the WEBB space Telescope - what might happen when and if?

 2nd Big Bang discovered by the Webb Space Telescope - (Just Kidding)  But what if?

big bang, webb telescope, hubble telescope,
The 2nd Big Bang

As you may be aware - the 1st Big Bang which most astronomers believe took place around 13.7 billion years ago, created all of Heaven and Earth.  Over the initial seconds of the Big Bang, the universe had all of the God Particles (Higgs bosons) it would need for billions of years into the future.  

After the first few million years after the initial 'Complosion' of the Big Bang, the God Particles had created all of the protons, neutrons, electrons and all the other subatomic particles that the universe needed into the future.  ('Complosion' is a word I created to describe what really happened at the Big Bang because it was not an explosion and it was not an implosion, but a kind of combination of the two types of events or a 'Complosion'.  I know this is difficult science - trust me - you'll catch on later.)

Over the next few billion years after the 'Complosion' of the Big Bang, the subatomic particles would agglomerate into atoms, the atoms into molecules and so gradually, the universe became filled mostly with Hydrogen, Helium, Iron and other essential elements to create the stars and eventually the planets and galaxies of stars would come together due to gravity.

In my book, you will be thrilled to learn that if and when the 2nd Big Bang hits near our section of the universe, we'll be prepared for it.  The world could end before the 2nd Big Bang especially given the threat of nuclear war, the global warming crisis, the economic disasters, the gun violence in our schools, the pandemic global viruses, etc.  

BUT, if there is a silver lining to our present situation - AND THIS IS A SMALL CONSOLUTION FOR MOST OF US - it's the fact that Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are currently building space craft that could soon transport a small number of us to other planets where we could sort of lie low, keep the faith, build up our species to be smarter, stronger, more cooperative, more intelligent and then come back to the Earth after the Earth came back to normal living conditions in a few thousand or maybe as long as a few million years from now, depending on how much damage is done.

If you ever want to enjoy a great Science Fiction novel that answers all of these questions PLUS gets us all prepared for the most unique and magical experiences in the universe, this book - The 2nd Big Bang or my earlier work - My Cosmic Brain - could be just the book for you.

SOON to become a major motion picture - keeping fingers crossed?  Thank You.  

REVIEWS are always welcomed.

The Author 

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

The 2nd Big Bang is on the way. Where will you be when it hits? New Online Course Drops Today

My new Udemy Course drops today


Have FUN! Enjoy!

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 The 2nd Big Bang on the way to this part of the universe - OUCH!

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The Webb Space Telescope started to post its new images of the farthest reaches of the universe through NASA websites and the effects are AMAZING - not only NOW but on the FUTURE of all Mankind!


However, in my book, the Webb Space Telescope helps us see the emergence of the 2nd Big Bang.

It's coming out of the same area of space as the original Big Bang, but this time, it's going to UNRAVEL all of Space Time in a very peculiar way.

2nd big bang, big bang, universe, webb telescope, webb space telescope
The Webb Telescope uncovers the 2nd Big Bang

In the year 2035 the Webb Telescope uncovers the early stages of the 2nd Big Bang

They then calculate that it is expanding about 1,000 times the speed of light and will arrive in our vicinity of the universe in approximately 10 to 15 years.  What happens next will blow the minds of every intelligent species now existing in the universe including the humans of which you are one. 



WHEN you read my book, you'll know more about the universe than any other Astronomer earning their living today - even with the Webb and the Hubble.

Be among the FIRST TO KNOW - then . . . 


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Webb Space Telescopes, NASA, NASA Images, NASA-WEBB, Webb discovers 2nd Big Bang
There are thousands of Habitable Planets out there - but only one EARTH~!

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The Jupiter Sun - The Greatest Achievement in Human History - AVAILABLE NOW in AUDIBLE BOOK - FREE if you setup a new Free 30-Day Trial Acct.

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